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Posted on 27/02/2017 by Alex Lippitt

With growing realization of the effects of climate change, interest in renewable energy sources is skyrocketing. That comes with challenges. One of those is storage -  you need to be able to supply power when needed, not just when it’s sunny or windy. Lately there's been a big push towards solar panels (photovoltaic cells) and battery development but recently I found several generation plants which harness the suns power in a unique way.

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NTS 03-G+

Posted on 31/01/2017

Innovation Manager Jared Laverty takes us through some of the core features of the new NTS03G+ (NTS+ for short)[sitetree_link,id=45]

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Posted on 10/01/2017 by Mike Smellie

Wondering how PRP might be used in your networks or substations? Here Tekron software engineer Mike Smellie takes us through the basics.

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