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Posted on 04/08/2016

We have recently added our Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) chipset to both the NTS 02-E and NTS 03-E multiport network time servers for enhanced performance of its existing high precision Grand Master or Boundary clock timing references. The introduction of the updated GNSS receiver will allow the NTS series to reference both GPS and GLONASS constellations. Hence, offering crucial benefits like higher reliability, improved accuracy, and faster time to first fix (TTFF).

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Posted on 11/07/2016

July 12 2016: Tekron International Limited, leading provider of high precision GPS and atomic clock solutions, today announced the next phase of its growth in Europe with the opening of its UK office.

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Posted on 16/06/2016

By default, Tekron GNSS Clocks are optimized for static timing applications. After completing a site survey, the Clock will enter the ‘position hold’ state, which enables it to maintain accurate timing from few satellites. However, this assumes that the position of the antenna will not change.

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Posted on 03/05/2016

Tekron’s latest PRPTP Translator sails through the radiated and conducted emission testing. The PRPTP Translator allows users to utilize legacy equipment in modern redundant PTP architectures. The PRPTP Translator synchronizes to PTP implements on PRP or HSR networks and delivers a synchronous IRIG-B signal to the legacy device. The standards tested against are as follows:

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Posted on 12/04/2016

The synchronization of networks, machines, and financial applications is becoming an ever important factor in the day-to-day operation of many companies. With this ever growing need for synchronization, comes a search for knowledge of a lesser known product called GPS clock, Atomic Clock, GNSS Clock, Time Code Generator, Network Time Server or known by a range of other names. In this article, we will refer to these devices as a GPS Clock.

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