The NTS 03-G Plus is a fully customizable satellite reference clock. It meets the demanding precision and reliability requirements of the Power, Telecommunications and Enterprise sectors.

Multiple Ethernet ports support advanced PTP and NTP time synchronization solutions, while the high drive IRIG-B option delivers legacy device interoperability. This ruggedized platform brings ultimate reliability through Rubidium and OCXO oscillator options, and time sync redundancy through Parallel Redundancy Protocol (PRP) support.

Enhanced security is delivered through fully encrypted and authenticated configuration access. Multiple user accounts are supported with configurable access control. Independently addressable and logically isolated Ethernet ports allow multiple networks to be connected to the same clock without compromising the network security. SNMPv3 and built-in NTP amplification attack immunity coupled with IRIG-B and PTP support makes the NTS 03-G Plus a versatile synchronization solution.